Technical description of the EVE platform

The VENISE group has a new state-of-the-art Virtual Reality facility (named “EVE) in order to offer so-called “immersive” visualization for retroprojection on several screens and on the ground around the user. The platform was designed from the ground up to include the articulated third wall and all the extensions described above. The system uses multimodal input (movement and speech) to control the behaviour of an application, with multimodal output (visual, audio and haptic) to present information via several sensory-motor channels. Total immersion is obtained by providing a 3D stereoscopic display depending on the user’s position, a functionality known as adaptive stereoscopy. The originality of the EVE facility is that the present system can support up to two users, each with their own stereoscopic point of view, an ideal context for co-localised collaboration between two users.

Figure: EVE Virtual Reality Room Architecture (left) and 2 users exploring an automotive CAD model (right).

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