MOAIS team

The Moais team from INRIA Rhône-Alpes, a team of 9 permanent members from INRIA and Universities of Grenoble, focuses on adaptive parallel algorithms, parallel code coupling, distributed programming environments and interactive parallel computing (

Besides a strong publication activity, Moais participates in various National and European projects, like the ANR projects REPDYN focused on the hybrid parallelization on CPU and GPUs of fast dynamics simulations, the ANR/JST Petaflow project related to transcontinental visualization of fluid simulations performed in Japan, or the European project Visionair gathering the virtual reality and scientific visualization platforms of 25 partners that will become accessible to European researchers for experiments. Moais also has various contracts with industrial partners like ST Microelectronic, EDF or Google. Moais software developments are mainly focused on two libraries, FlowVR (, developed in collaboration with the LIFO, and Kaapi ( Moais also manages the Digitalis platform at INRIA Rhône-Alpes with the Mescal team. Digitalis gathers more than 700 CPU cores and 30 GPUs interconnected by a high speed Infiniband network. It has the particularity to integrate nodes connected to high-resolution displays and a batch scheduler enabling to access the machine for interactive sessions. All Exaviz partners will have access to these resources for experiments. Bruno Raffin, INRIA researcher, will be the lead Moais participant for Exaviz.